hymn to yerevan

unseen beauty, that the time and adverse political conditions took from you. people witness one of nature’s true miracles that of those from the verdant valleys. armenia, o land, goddess beautiful land, pushed out from luck —your chant is not sad, no, despite all the unfortunate events and nostalgia, the people persist in planting their seed and spread their culture.

who sings to you, knows it well —it’s not about sadness, but happiness. you’re the burning joy of your carnival, the smoothness, royalty and richness of your plants.

the fearlessness of your seas and all its salt. the gentleness of your rivers, the impetuosity of monsoon and the tenderness of your locals.

so many children you have. the peasant, artisan, fisherman, merchant, the customer, the chaplain, the hunter, the student, the weaver, the inventor, the manufacturer, the photographer, the locksmith, the fireman and many others…

your locals laugh, life is fun after all —you greatest goddess symbolize happiness, life, you drink the shine out of the sun, and you’re the harmony holding hands.


one thing: you will build bridges, but you will not burn them. they will be as tall as the empire state building and the mountains combined, and they will not crumble. their foundation, their essence, their path—are impenetrable.

these bridges, these buildings, these skyscrapers, will be built after you.

another thing: you are not a lion tamer. you are not a soldier. you are not caught in a well, either.

you will learn that sometimes your knees do not bend that way. that is okay. you’d rather not break your fragile skeleton whenever it’s preventable. unfortunately, you probably don’t want to break it at all. what happens, though, when it breaks. what happens, though, when your spine deteriorates? you rebuild it. you build it like frank lloyd wright. you build it like alvaro siza.
you need your spine to stand like the colossal towers before you. this is, because of the simple fact you’re intelligent, like bukowski and hawkings are.

you will tower over the dark. i promise you. you will tower over it and that bridge will be in your sight: that damn bridge that transports you to bravery.

lastly: realistically, some foundations crumble. sometimes bridges evaporate. sometimes the world gets caught on fire. sometimes there is not enough oxygen. sometimes the morning light is too harsh. sometimes you do not know where to go from here. sometimes you doubt things. sometimes. only sometimes.

when the sun awakens, you will learn things—you will become strong, whether this depends on you to no longer tremble from the silence or for you to clench your fist and rush through the wind to soar. you will rebuild those foundations like you rebuilt your spine. it takes time. i promise you this.


(via detectivehoughtons)

“i know by now i have not born to be happy, but i can at least find comfort in the midst of such misfortune and chaos. like a boat sailing in a storm, spotting from miles and miles away secure landing —but knowing that it will not reach it, at least it can rejoice by the fact the boat did not sink in vain.

like a brave bird flying with an injured wing, striving and fighting to reach its nest—there must be something truly special to make it worth while being brave.

and there is…oh there is.

the most beautiful and intricate flower the world has ever lay its eyes upon. this flower is beautiful like many others, however it is special because it’s soft and gentle like a butterfly, pure and free like bird, shines as bright as the sun.

and at night… awakens the envy and jealously of the stars. ‘svetlana’ is her name, whichever name she chooses to adopt it could not be more beautiful to pronounce. april 8th is her day of birth, the day that shines the brightest, the day that the world witnessed a special kind of flower blossoming to life.

the world is now a garden and better place to live, a single living being does make the difference, and you do. you give hope you make people smile, and lovely flower these words are for you: do not let it wither you because without you this garden will eventually dry.

in the midst of such misfortune can i at least find some happiness. i think i can i found it, i’ve spotted some secure landing to lay down

i can finally sleep.”


Anita Waters

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